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Metro Rec


*Please make sure you have registered for the 2021 season

Metro Rec Location: 3110 Main Ave, Fargo, ND 58103

The ATTIC will now be primarily used for team practices while the Metro Rec will be open for individual and small group sessions. There has been a high demand for team practices at the ATTIC and with the feedback we received from the end of year survey we have decided to make this change. Also please bring an extra pair of shoes in order to keep the turf clean. 

For players looking for practice time in a large group setting. Please check our website for more details on Player Development Sessions. These session will begin in February and are available for players who are not currently on a pre existing roster.


Fargo Youth Baseball has a meeting and equipment storage spaces inside this facility as well as 2 batting cages.  Some equipment is provided such as baseball, helmets, tees and 2 pitching mounds. We do recommend bringing your own equipment and recommend pants and long sleeves in the Metro Rec. If equipment disappears, we will not continue to supply it.

When time is reserved by a FYB member, they will receive an email with a key box code.  You will need to enter through the NORTH DOOR. There is a key box next to this door that has a key. This key will get you in and will unlock the batting cages.  When you enter the cages, the light switches for the cage area are along the south wall.  When you leave the facility, please be sure to turn off the lights, put the key back in the key box, ensure the key box is locked and shut the north door tight behind you.

The Metro Rec also is home to the Archery Club and some local soccer clubs as well.  The soccer fields are STIRCTLY OFF LIMITS. 

Metro Rec Rentals

The Metro Rec is available for all players who have registered for the 2021 season. If you are not registered for the 2021 season rental rates will apply (see Non-Member Rental below). 

Non-Member Rental

For any non Fargo Youth Baseball Members, rental fees do apply. Non member rentals will be based on a first come, first serve basis. Rentals will be available to reserve within 48 hours in advance. For rental times and information please email the office at [email protected] Rental rates are as follows.

Single Cage: $40/hour

Double Cage: $60/hour

Entire Facility: $150/hour (Birthday Party Package not included)

Waiver forms are required by any individual using the facility.

Any questions please contact the Fargo Youth Baseball office at [email protected]

Batting Cage Usage and Policies

1.      The batting  cages at the ATTIC and Metro Rec are available to all registered Fargo Youth Baseball participants and are available on a daily basis.  Cages at the ATTIC must be rented during office hours (9 am - 9 pm Monday-Saturday). 

2.     Anyone under age 18 MUST be supervised by an adult.

3.     Helmets MUST be worn in the batting cages at all times. 

4.     There is no food or drink allowed inside any of the batting cages or any turfed areas at both facilities. 

5.      Seeds are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in both the ATTIC and Metro Rec facilities.

6.      Report all mishaps and/or damage to the Fargo Youth Baseball office within 12 hours.

7.      Soccer fields at the Metro Rec are prohibited.

8.     All users of the ATTIC and Metro Rec batting cages that are NOT Fargo Youth Baseball members shall sign a waiver form via the FYB office before participating.

9.    Fargo Youth Baseball members may block a maximum of 1 hour at a time.

10. Outside groups may potentially rent the batting cages for practice, camps, etc. provided that they get approval from the Fargo Youth Baseball Board of Directors.  A rental fee will be required.  Fargo Youth Baseball members will have priority of scheduling over outside groups.  Please contact the Fargo Youth Baseball office to inquire about availability.  

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