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Little League All-stars

Age Chart (Must be 12 years old)

Fargo Youth Baseball offers Little League All-star teams for 12 year old's. It is designed to give players an additional competitive baseball opportunity playing some of the top competition in the area, state, and region. Fargo Youth Baseball teams will be given the opportunity  to travel to various tournaments throughout the area in the summer. The 12U team will have the opportunity to compete in the
Little League World Series.

Tournament All-Star Selection Process:

When it comes to All-Star teams, it is the intent of Fargo Youth Baseball to field a team that will best represent our league in competition and character. All of the baseball players need to have an opportunity to make the team regardless of popularity, school affiliations, or parental influence. For those that are not selected for the team, the details regarding their candidacy shall be held in the strictest of confidence and remain private.

All Selection decisions regarding All-Star teams need to be made with these Board and District approved ideals in mind. Several characteristics permeate our selection process for players and managers for the All-Star teams.

-       Skill-level and ability to compete

-       Attitude, hustle, team spirit, team leadership, and

-       Overall character, integrity, and sportsmanship

Winning is fun, but it is very important that we remember that Fargo Youth Baseball is a child development program and that we are about teaching life lessons, building and demonstrating the positive ideals and characteristics that we hope for all our children.


The All-Star team selection process will begin no sooner than two weeks prior to the first tournament game or on the 14th of June. The all-Star team CANNOT be announced at any earlier date than is prescribed by Little League Rules each year, which is June 1st.

The all-star practices typically begin around the second or third week in June. Practices begin immediately upon team selection and can run up to 2 hours per day and can be up to 2 – 3 days a week up to the time of the All-Star tournaments.

The All-Star Tournament will be held July 23-25 at Brunsdale Park. There are 3 programs that participate in the tournament (Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead). The winning team at the State tournament would move onto the regional tournament in Indianapolis, IN and the Little League World Series. While the 2020 World Series and Regional tournaments have been canceled, the 2021 Little League Baseball® World Series is tentatively scheduled to be played August 19-29. Schedule is subject to change.

All Star Player Selection Process:

The All-Star team selection process will consist of a committee selected by the Fargo Youth Baseball staff and board of directors. The committee will consist of staff, board members, and selected league coaches.

At the start of the process coaches will nominate players that they feel meet the needs of Fargo Youth Baseball that will best represent the league. If a player is not nominated by a coach, this does not exclude him from the All-Star process. The committee throughout the season will keep notes of each player per age group. These notes are strictly confidential.

The showcase will be held on June 6 and June 8 at Starion Field (2401 42nd St. SW, Fargo). Selected players, and players that show interest, will be evaluated at a showcase hosted by committee members. During the showcase, players will be evaluated based on the board approved characteristics. There will be two dates for the showcase. The dates of the showcase are TBD based on the number of players who register.

· Day 1: All players that show interest will be evaluated.

· Day 2: 15 – 20 players will be called back for a second and final evaluation.

*** Parents and spectators are not allowed at the showcase.

If you are unable to attend the showcase dates, this does not exclude you from being selected. The committee will then choose a roster of 12-13 players per age group that best fit the qualifications assigned by the league and will be finalized by the committee.

12-Year-Old division only – Only 4 players from one team can be selected for the all-star team if we're sanctioned by Little League. 

If you are selected for the All-Star team, the head coach or manager will send an email with a tentative schedule, additional costs (minimum of $100), and expectations. If accepting the roster spot, players and parents will have to sign a code of conduct and must be fully committed to the All-Star team.

If selected, this does not mean you leave your league roster. You are required to play on both teams. Also, keep in mind that if you participate on the all-star team this does exclude you from playing some tournaments with your league teams such as the NIT International Tournament in Fargo.


Manager & Coach Selection Process:

All-Star Managers shall be a Manager or a coach during the regular season. A manager or coach that has participated in another youth baseball league may be eliminated from the All-Star participation if their participation in the other league is deemed “detrimental” to league operations.

After the Manager vote and other input are received, the Fargo Youth Baseball board/all-star executive committee shall hold a meeting to discuss the manager candidates and discuss the findings and act upon the President/CEO’s recommendation to the board/all-star committee. The Fargo Youth Baseball staff, board, and executive committee will choose a head coach for each team. The head coach will then provide input on which coaches should be selected as assistants. Assistants must be FYB coaches for the 2021 season. All coaches chosen have to be a rostered manager or coach during the regular season and meet all other eligibility requirements.

Little League Showcase - Coaches Nomination

Coaches, we are excited to be offering our 12 year old Little League All-Star team and with your help we can select the best players that represent Fargo, North Dakota, and Fargo Youth Baseball. We are asking for your assistance on who you feel best represents your team. We are looking for skill level, good attitude, sportsmanship, and overall a good teammate. Please fill out the below form and make any comments on your nominations as you see fit. There will be a showcase registration for ALL players to sign up for on our website along with an email link sent to all registered families.

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