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Coaches Meeting

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Fargo Coaches Meeting:
As a reminder, there will be a virtual FYB Coaches meeting tomorrow night (Thursday, April 15th) at 7:00 pm. Due to the limitations with Zoom, we ask that only one coach from each team attends. If you're a Fargo 61's travel coach, you do NOT need to attend this meeting. In the event, you are unable to attend the meeting or if the meeting is at max capacity, we will be recording the meeting and posting it on our website for you to tune in at a different time. 

If you missed the coaches meeting, click here to view the video:

Coach Requirements

Anyone wishing to coach with FYB (whether head coach, assistant coach, practice coach, etc.) MUST complete steps 1-3. ALL three of these are required in order for anyone to coach in our organization for liability and insurance reasons.

1. 2021 Coaching Application (Required)

There will be no separate coaches application this year. When filling out the 2021 summer player registration, please select the volunteer role to show you're interested in coaching. If you have already completed the summer player registration, you can still go back into your account and select this option. 

2. 2021 Volunteer Background Check (Required)

Coaches are required to submit a background check. Please click on the below link to access the online form. 

Background Check - CLICK HERE

3. USA Baseball Coaching Clinic Certificate (Required Every Two Years)

For coaches who completed this requirement in 2020, you will not be required to complete this again in 2021 as this will last for 2 years. If you have not completed, please see below.  

FYB is excited to announce our continued partnership with USA Baseball to ensure our coaches receive the proper tools and education to help develop our athletes while also maintaining a safe environment.

If you attend a USA Baseball Online Coaches Clinic, you will only need to complete the Abuse Awareness for Adults & Basic First Aid Course. If you're interested in taking an online USA Baseball clinic, please click here

If you DON'T attend a FYB/USA Baseball coaches clinic. You will need to complete all Level "A" Certification courses which includes the Confident Baseball Coach, Abuse Awareness for Adults, Introduction to Pitch Smart, & Basic First Aid course. 

Please email a screenshot or photo of the certificate(s) once completed to [email protected]

CLICK HERE: Level "A" Certification

4. Coach Certification Reward Program

Once step 1-3 is completed, you will receive a FYB Coaching Shirt. 

OPTIONAL: If you complete "A & B" Certification Package, you will receive a free SteelMaster Tally Pitch Counter. 

OPTIONAL: If you complete "A, B & C" Certification Package, you will receive a free Baseball Dry Erase Coaches Board.

Please email a screenshot or photo of the certificate(s) once completed to [email protected]

These items will be handed out when you receive your team equipment. 


5. Submitting a Roster

Coaches are allowed to form their own team as long as the player chooses to play for them.  Teams are allowed to stay together year after year. If submitting a roster, deadline is March 5th, 2021. Please send to [email protected]

 2021 League Roster Template

6. Review the League Rules

CLICK HERE: League Rules

Practice Policy 

Baseball is a game of repetition and therefore practice is a key component in the development of every player. For this reason, FYB asks that each coach hold a minimum of 1 practice a week. Practice days and times are determined by the coaches. Fargo Youth Baseball encourages coaches to speak with the players' parents to determine which day and time works best for their team. Please keep in mind that practice fields are based on a first come, first serve basis. This is the policy of the Fargo Park District that we must abide by.  No team or individual will have exclusive rights to a field. If more than one team is at the same site at the same time, we ask that the coaches work together to share the field and space available. 

Additional Opportunities & Info

Fargo Youth Baseball encourages coaches to utilize the resources provided by USA Baseball, Little League, and Babe Ruth. Each organization provides in-depth information on practice plans, drills, rules, and fun games to keep your players engaged. 

No Tolerance

FYB Benchmarks

Practice Plans

Camps & Lessons

FYB Pitch Count Sheet

6 Step - Proper Warm Up & Pitching Development

Basics of Hitting

Basics of Defense

Basics of Pitching

Coach Pitch 12 Week Program


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