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Travel Coach Handbook

Travel Coach Handbook

Handbook Topics

Eligible Coaches

Travel Coach Job Description, Objective and Expectations

Behavior Guidelines

Player Development Sessions & Tryouts

Practice Considerations

Playing Time Philosophy

Parent Involvement


Travel Team Branding and Uniforms


Eligible vs Non-Eligible Coaches

Coaches that are 12 & Under are allowed to be parent volunteers and must align with the culture and values set forth by Fargo Area Sports and it’s Travel Coach Handbook.  At the 13 -15 year old level, it is Fargo Area Sport’s practice to have non parent coaches. A breakdown of Eligible and non-eligible coaches for the 13 – 15 age group are as follows but not limited to:

Eligible Coaches

Non-Eligible Coaches

· Parents with High school or higher experience in coaching.

· Must pass a background check

· Must complete level A certification through USA Baseball

· Follow the culture and values listed in the Travel Coach Handbook


· Parent coaches without high school or higher experience. Can serve as a team manager for communication purposes

· Fargo Area Sports Board Members. Can serve as a team liaison for communication purposes.

· Failed background check

· Do not believe in the culture and values of FAS Travel Coach Handbook.

· Poor sportsmanship

· Disrespectful toward umpires.


*These rules are subject to change pending board approval and # of total applicants


Travel Coach Job Description and Expectations:


Travel baseball coach will be involved with various tasks that will develop travel baseball players through Fargo Area Sports core values. The head coach is required to conduct practices, motivating players, and instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Specific duties include, but may not be limited to:

·         Report directly to Director of League Operations and President/CEO

·         Establish and execute practice plans

·         Creating team schedule (games, practices, and tournaments)

·         Communication with players and parents

·         Maintain a professional structure and attitude at all times

·         Respect all tournament and game officials

·         Develop players with pitching, catching, hitting, fielding, and remaining aspects of the game.

·         Build a strong team culture

·         Passion for the game, the patience to teach, and the ability to relate and understand children with different baseball skill sets

·         Recruitment of players and off-season development sessions


·         High school degree

·         Prior coaching experience

·         Knowledge in the sport of baseball and commitment to working with youth and families.

·         Reliable transportation and ability to travel

·         Punctual and reliable for team events

·         Ability to pass background check


Additional Information:

·         This position will be based at our offices and various fields throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

·         Time off will be communicated by the Director of League Operations and President/CEO

·         Part time/Salary position – coaching staff for 12 & Under will receive $1,200. Coaching staff for 13 – 15-year olds will receive a total of $3,000.

o   Parents that are selected to coach in a volunteer role. Stipend may be available upon request.

·         Able to provide an assistant coach.

·         Additional hours through Fargo Area Sports may be available upon request.


Fargo Area Sports believes every player should:

·         Have Fun

·         Be put in a position where he/she can succeed

·         Learn and exhibit good sportsmanship

·         Learn and understand good baseball fundamentals

Fargo Area Sports is committed to the principles of positive coaching and against a “Win at all cost” mentality. Fargo Area Sport’s philosophy is to be competitive as a team and promote positive character traits for ALL players to be successful in their lives.

Behavior Guidelines and Coaches Conduct:

All players, coaches, and spectators are expected to act and demonstrate good behavior at all Fargo Area Sports games, practices, or other activities.

-Player Behavior

  •    A player should be addressed or punished immediately for the following:
  •   Throwing equipment
  •   Profanity
  •   Disrespect to the team, coaches, parents, and UMPIRES

o   If a player verbally or physically abuses a teammate, coach, and or umpire the following shall take place:

  1st offense: player is removed from the game but must remain on the bench until the game is over

  2nd offense: player is not allowed at practice or games until the player, the parents/guardian meet with Fargo Area Sports staff and potential board members.

  -Coach Behavior 

 Coaches are expected to maintain a good example for both players and spectators. If a coach verbally or physically or mentally abuses a player, parent, other coaches, and/or umpires the following shall take place:

  1st offense: FAS staff and/or board members will meet with the coach to talk about behavior

  2nd offense: Coach is removed until he/she meets with FAS staff and/or board members to discuss further involvement.

  -Parent Behavior

Parents are expected to represent the player, the team, and the organization is a supportive manor. Yelling at the umpire, coach, or the team in a disruptive manor can be removed for the game. If poor behavior continues the parent will not be allowed at any practices, games, or FAS events until the parent has met with the FAS staff and/or board members.


Practice Considerations:

·         Keep ALL players involved throughout the entire practice

·         HAVE FUN

·         Communicate with your players: Help your players understand both their good qualities and areas for improvement. Breakdown and demonstrate to your players what your expectations are.

·         Use available resources: Fargo Area Sports has drills and resources under the coaches page on the website. USA Baseball mobile coach, Little League and Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth have instructional videos on their websites. For more information, please visit

·         Utilize group and station work throughout practice. Teach kids all defensive positions, proper arm care, and different hitting drills that promote a good swing path and limit launch angle drills. 

·         Utilize other coaches in the program, roundtable discussions, and the FAS Staff.

·         BE PREPARED: Make sure you have practice plans each day. Communicate with the other coaches so they understand the goals of each drills and communicate with your players to ensure they understand what you are trying to teach.

Playing Time Philosophy.

There are no playing time rules when it comes to our travel baseball program. However, Fargo Area Sports does NOT promote a “Win at all cost” mentality. As coaches and organization leaders it is your job to put players in situations that they will learn from and succeed. Your job as a coach is to properly develop each player on the team. You do that by playing them as equally as possible and have them try different positions. For example, one player on your team should not be a “full time” short stop. By doing so you are hurting the development of that player.

Parent Involvement:

Utilize your parents to help you with any administrative needs. The more you can focus on coaching the better. Parent Involvement should include:

·         Assign a parent to manage game changer. DO NOT focus all your time on stats but instead use it during the game to check pitch counts or player substitution. You can always change anything you need to after the game.

·         Assign a parent to serve as a team manager to handle all administrative roles such as team events, team hotels, and any communication you would like to do with the team.

·         Assign a couple parents that you feel would be a good fit to help at practices for when you are doing station work and you need the extra hands.


When it comes to travel baseball, the cost can be expensive. Coaches and parents can reach out to companies to help with team costs. Fargo Area Sports has a sponsorship form that is available upon request. All sponsorship funds will go to help offset player fee’s and events.


Travel Team Branding & Uniforms:

Coaches must reach out to Fargo Area Sports anytime the logo is being used. This does include the Fargo 61 logo. Fargo Area Sports will have a team store set up for the travel teams. If the team decides to order clothing, banners, or any other material it must be approved by the FAS staff.

Uniforms will be created by the FAS office. Uniforms include jersey’s, pants, and hats. Any other jersey design will need to be approved by FAS staff.

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