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Below are the rosters for the 2021 season. Coaches have received these and should be reaching out soon, if they haven't already.

(rosters for 13u and 14/15 will posted soon)

12u Rosters:


Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
STORM Jace Baumgartner Youth Large 5 Columbia/White
STORM Matthew Crompton Adult Small 31 Columbia/White
STORM Zander Deutsch Adult Small 7 Columbia/White
STORM Zander Hilber Youth Large 4 Columbia/White
STORM Wyatt Jegtvig Adult Small 10 Columbia/White
STORM Trey Knakmuhs Adult Medium 14 Columbia/White
STORM Maisen Kolling Youth Large 2 Columbia/White
STORM Harper Mondor Adult Medium 9 Columbia/White
STORM Hayden Rux Adult Large 16 Columbia/White
STORM Eli Strawsell Youth Large 80 Columbia/White
STORM Logan Thune Adult X-Large 6 Columbia/White

Coaches: Chris Miller

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Applied Engineering Peyton Amsbaugh Adult Small 23 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Jakob Dewald Adult Small 11 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Baylian Gonzalez Youth Medium 3 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Kannon Kainz Youth Large 64 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Liam Kauffman Youth Large 1 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Andrew Kolesar Youth Medium 47 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Peyton Laird Adult Large 12 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Liam Miller Adult Small 44 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Jackson Nettum Youth Medium 22 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Noah Olheiser Adult Small 13 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Wesley Oye Youth Large 9 Navy/Silver
Applied Engineering Isaac Wilkes Adult Large 52 Navy/Silver

Coaches: Aaron Powell

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Riverside Plumbing Beckham Behrens Adult Medium 12 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Reese Burkhardt Youth X-Large 19 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Skyler Burkhardt Adult Small 25 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Carson Cantler Adult Small 3 Maroon/White
Riverside PlumbingMichael Essex IIIYouth Medium11Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Joseph Holmen Youth X-Large 23 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Brody Iverson Adult Large 9 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Dylan Oetker Youth Large 16 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Nathan Oetker Youth Large 24 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Griffin Powell Adult Small 33 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Henry Schrum Youth X-Large 5 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Jaxson Thomsen Adult Small 2 Maroon/White
Riverside Plumbing Brayden Underdahl Youth X-Large 10 Maroon/White

Coaches: Keith Bergseth

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Scheels Red Finn Bergseth Adult Small 9 Red/Black
Scheels Red Cooper Bruns Adult Small 24 Red/Black
Scheels Red Samuel Dickinson Youth X-Large 1 Red/Black
Scheels Red Madden Dohrer Youth Medium 21 Red/Black
Scheels Red Codi Halvorson Youth Large 89 Red/Black
Scheels Red Noah Johnson Youth X-Large 7 Red/Black
Scheels Red Wyatt Johnson Adult Small 8 Red/Black
Scheels Red Ethan Johnston Adult Medium 19 Red/Black
Scheels Red Drew Kalbus Youth X-Large 4 Red/Black
Scheels Red Alexander Lind Youth X-Large 6 Red/Black
Scheels Red Samuel Maughan Adult Medium 2 Red/Black
Scheels Red Cooper Thorstad Adult Medium 29 Red/Black

Coaches: Steve Schall, Jeremy DuBord, Adam Krabbenhoft

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Wood Specialists Mathieson DuBord Adult X-Large 11 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Pierce Gable Adult Small 99 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Rylan Krabbenhoft Adult Medium 22 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Evan Lee Adult Medium 7 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Lincoln Machayya Youth Large 1 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Jack mevold Adult Large 10 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Trey Nelson Adult Small 16 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Ryan Ommen Youth X-Large 42 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Hudson Schall Youth X-Large 12 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Carter Shambaugh Adult Small 2 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Emmett Turner Youth Medium 19 Maroon/White
Wood Specialists Kai Zabel Youth Large 15 Maroon/White

Coaches: Kris Loftstrom, John Melland, Matt Sveet

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
RMEF GradyAmesAdult Medium13CAMO
RMEF Jack Bjornson Adult Small 28 CAMO
RMEF Logan Emmil Youth X-Large 44 CAMO
RMEF Jayden Hanson Adult Small 11 CAMO
RMEF Carson Huseby Youth X-Large 42 CAMO
RMEF Owen Jahner Adult Small 99 CAMO
RMEF Gavin Kraemer Youth Large 33 CAMO
RMEF Trystan Lofstrom Adult Small 3 CAMO
RMEF Jackson McIlonie Adult Small 34 CAMO
RMEF Gabe Melland Youth Medium 22 CAMO
RMEF Hunter Modin Youth X-Large 24 CAMO
RMEF Cameron Sveet Adult Medium 2 CAMO

Coaches: Josh Derby, Jake Peterson

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Gjesdahl Law Gordon Bartsh Youth Large 11 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Wyatt Clarke Adult Medium 27 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Toryn Derby Adult Small 14 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Aadyn Hestbeck Adult Medium 19 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Mitchell Hocking Adult Medium 17 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Marcus Johnson Adult Medium 6 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Isaac Mosbrucker Adult Large 24 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Coby Nelson Youth Large 5 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Adrien Peterson Adult Large 28 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Benjamin Peterson Youth X-Large 7 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Aaron Rogness Adult Small 2 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Delbert Stoe Youth X-Large 32 Silver/White
Gjesdahl Law Mason Wollan Adult Small 3 Silver/White

Coaches: Grant Gigstad

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Play it Again Sports Jack Carlson Youth Medium 10 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Stuart Deutsch Youth Large 99 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Beckett Gigstad Youth Large 7 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Milo Gilbertson Youth Large 9 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Tobias Henry Youth Large 8 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Isaac Knudson Youth Medium 32 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Ace Lindemann Youth X-Large 3 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Caden Nelson Youth X-Large 13 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Emmerich Netland Youth Large 12 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Brody Nogosek Youth Large 11 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Cameron Rawson Adult Medium 1 Green/White
Play it Again Sports Noah Schmidt Youth X-Large 21 Green/White

Coaches: Corey Salberg, Jon Simmons

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Carpet World Joshua Berg Youth Large 3 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Cameron Bevill Youth Large 12 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Reece Clayton Youth Medium 11 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Owen Eckman Youth Large 8 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Oliver Hegvik Adult Small 19 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Joseph Linstaedt Youth Large 9 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Connor Long Adult Small 10 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Peyton Ochsner Youth Medium 18 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Dylan Salberg Youth X-Large 7 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Nolan Simmons Youth Medium 14 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Collin Walter Youth Large 13 Royal/Silver
Carpet World Nolan Zacher Youth Large 21 Royal/Silver

11u Rosters:

Coaches: Tyler Knapp, Jason Adsero

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Wallwork Financial Ryan Adsero Youth Large 11 Red/White
Wallwork FinancialLincolnCookYouth Large22Red/White
Wallwork Financial John Hogstad Youth Large 34 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Sylas Johnson Youth X-Large 7 Red/White
Wallwork Financial TONY LENG Youth Large 21 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Bradyn Love Youth Medium 6 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Charles Knapp Adult Small 10 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Gavin Koval Adult Small 5 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Tyler Menke Youth Medium 12 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Jack Nybakken Youth Large 13 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Ryder Rademacher Youth Medium 14 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Cole Sauvageau Youth Large 88 Red/White
Wallwork Financial Henry Wuitschick Youth X-Large 99 Red/White

Coaches: James Pfeifer, Jason Luther

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Pfeifer Counseling Colby Bach Youth X-Large 11 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Fox Bradley Youth X-Large 34 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Ryland Britton Youth Large 27 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Fynn Dotseth Youth Medium 17 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Holden Erbele Youth X-Large 3 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Benjamin Hubbard Youth Large 1 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Connor Lane Youth Medium 14 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Mason Luther Youth X-Large 13 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Kasen Moos Youth Large 10 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Owen Pfeifer Youth Large 44 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling William Rieger Youth X-Large 9 Silver/White
Pfeifer Counseling Owen Thompson Youth X-Large 15 Silver/White

Coaches: Tracy Lura, Justin Fosberg, Dave Oksendahl

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Window World Luke Conroy Youth Large 13 Navy/Silver
Window World Dawson Demers Youth X-Large 10 Navy/Silver
Window World Gunnar Ebeling Youth Large 14 Navy/Silver
Window World Jack Fosberg Youth Large 23 Navy/Silver
Window World Chance Johnson Youth Medium 11 Navy/Silver
Window World HUDSON Lura Youth Large 44 Navy/Silver
Window World James Morris Youth X-Large 9 Navy/Silver
Window World Ethan Ness Youth Large 61 Navy/Silver
Window World Noah Oksendahl Youth X-Large 99 Navy/Silver
Window World Andrew Schiltz Youth Large 37 Navy/Silver
Window World Austin Schroeder Youth Large 2 Navy/Silver
Window World Talen Tuchscherer Youth Large 12 Navy/Silver

Coaches: Chris Kallenbach, Scott Fluge, Chris Buchanan

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
RamJack Braylon Anderson Youth Small 10 Silver/White
RamJack Logan Brekke Youth Medium 14 Silver/White
RamJack Callum Buchanan Youth Large 13 Silver/White
RamJack Nels Fiechtner Adult Medium 19 Silver/White
RamJack Grant Fluge Adult Large 7 Silver/White
RamJack Isaac Hass Youth Medium 2 Silver/White
RamJack Benjamin Kallenbach Youth Large 99 Silver/White
RamJack Landon King Youth X-Large 3 Silver/White
RamJack Brenden Loos Adult Small 12 Silver/White
RamJack Nolan Mack Youth X-Large 22 Silver/White
RamJack Alex McComb Youth Large 8 Silver/White
RamJack Sloane Nelson Youth X-Large 6 Silver/White

Coaches: Mark Scheid, Casey Mittag, Brian Johnson

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
BNG Jack Davis Adult Medium 44 Royal/Silver
BNG Benjamin Esperum Adult Medium 29 Royal/Silver
BNG Owen Goodman Adult Small 38 Royal/Silver
BNG James Henderson Youth X-Large 1 Royal/Silver
BNG Daniel Johnson Adult Medium 42 Royal/Silver
BNG Jayden Larson Youth X-Large 40 Royal/Silver
BNG Segen Mittag Youth Large 7 Royal/Silver
BNG Brayden Olson Youth X-Large 9 Royal/Silver
BNG Grady Rostad Youth Medium 16 Royal/Silver
BNG Christian Scheid Youth Large 12 Royal/Silver
BNG Brady Stach Youth Large 27 Royal/Silver
BNG Dylan Wendelbo Youth X-Large 2 Royal/Silver

Coaches: Derek Hovland, Andrew Scott

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Courtyard Marriott Jack Althaus Youth Large 5 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott KasenBrainerdYouth Large2Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Samuel Christopherson Youth Large 1 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Jameson Davis Youth X-Large 17 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Adam Dukart Adult Medium 7 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Drew Hovland Youth Large 32 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Duncan Jungling Youth Medium 22 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Ian Leffelman Youth Medium 3 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Braedan Lippert Adult Small 30 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Jack Scott Youth Medium 8 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Joseph Sikkink Youth Large 13 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Noah Sjurseth Youth X-Large 20 Black/White
Courtyard Marriott Colby Wateland-Brown Youth Medium 18 Black/White

Coaches: Andrew Myer, Ryan Nagle

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Gold Jack Bartsch Youth Medium 7 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Will Ehli Youth Large 15 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Aidry Johnson Youth Large 00 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Landon Kirkeby Youth Medium 10 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Rafe Larson Adult Small 18 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Jayden McCroskey Youth Large 3 Gold/White
HuHot Gold William Mitsche Youth Large 26 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Benet Myer Youth Large 14 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Cormac Nagle Youth Large 8 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Mark Nowicki Adult Small 11 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Tristen Oelke Youth Large 4 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Ray Qi Youth Large 9 Gold/White
HuHot Gold Leonardo Yan Youth X-Large 6 Gold/White

10u Rosters:

Coaches: Jeremy Jorgenson, Brandon Hayes, Chad Nielson

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Goldmark Carson Bernardy Youth X-Large 5 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Wren Bolton Youth Large 17 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Grant Cossette Youth Large 23 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Drew Fischer Youth Large 44 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Blaine Frazier Youth Large 18 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Ethan Hanson Youth Medium 2 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Carson Hayes Youth Large 0 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Logan Johnson Youth Large 16 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Jay Jorgenson Youth Large 19 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Cohen Lian Youth X-Large 9 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Cade Nielson Youth Medium 11 Kelly Green/Black
Goldmark Jacoby Sell Youth Large 22 Kelly Green/Black

Coaches: Ryan Heyer, Eric Medberry, Adam Spanier

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Doolittles Connor Bradley Youth X-Large 3 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Lucas Emmil Youth Large 5 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Zachary Fowler Youth Large 99 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Declan Gigstad Youth Large 17 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Max Heyer Adult Small 26 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Alex Irish Youth Medium 7 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Caleb Leichty Youth Medium 38 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles James Medbery Adult Small 14 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Gregory Meidinger Youth Large 34 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Jace Peasland Youth Large 11 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Jenner Peasland Youth Large 50 Vegas Gold/White
Doolittles Ryker Spanier Youth X-Large 24 Vegas Gold/White

Coaches: Kalie Olson, Greg Ough

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Rainbow Play Systems Jack Brachman Youth Large 99 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Mac Campbell Youth Large 50 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Gavin Carlsrud Youth X-Large 26 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Kirk Lee Youth X-Large 14 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Caleb Mehl Youth Medium 10 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Caleb Olson Youth Large 7 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Caleb Ough Youth Large 19 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Konnor Reis Adult Small 13 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Carter Teunissen Youth Medium 1 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Gavin Vig Youth Large 5 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Aidan Williams Youth Large 20 Red/White
Rainbow Play Systems Reese Zabel Adult Small 36 Red/White

Coaches: Paul Jarvis, Collin Consdorf, Jamie Zuel

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Showcase Floors Noah Anderson Youth X-Large 40 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Everett Consdorf Adult Small 19 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Brayden Cossette Adult Small 0 Red/Black
Showcase Floors James Jarvis Youth Medium 23 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Maxwell Johnsen Youth Large 13 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Gradyn Johnson Youth Large 10 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Brayden Mikkelsen Youth Large 22 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Henrik Odden Heide Youth Large 11 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Lawsen Turner Adult Small 4 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Connor Zubrod Youth Medium 30 Red/Black
Showcase Floors Edythe Zuel Youth Medium 33 Red/Black

Coaches: Mario Gomez, Josh Smith, Tom Demers

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Colton Barglof Youth Medium 11 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Odi Bohnenstingl Adult Small 5 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Cody Demers Youth Large 4 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Ryker Gomez Youth Large 9 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Parker Kenowski Youth X-Large 12 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Andrew Martin Adult Medium 42 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Mark Meyer II Youth Medium 19 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Nicholas Olexa Youth Medium 10 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Kody Sandvik Youth X-Large 52 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Ashton Schmidt Adult Medium 3 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Jesse Sisco Adult X-Large 15 Power Blue/White
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Easton Smith Youth Large 1 Power Blue/White

Coaches: Paul Hagemeister

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Crown Trophy Charles Dahl Youth Large 5 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Kyle Duffy Youth X-Large 12 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Alexander Erickson Youth Large 25 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Ethan Hagemeister Youth Medium 7 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Colin Hebert Youth Large 10 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Luke Koch Youth X-Large 9 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Logan Mayer Adult Large 16 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Evan Oelschlager Youth Medium 11 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Jack Pfaff Youth Medium 1 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Beckett Quamme Youth Large 13 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Christian Sandy Youth Medium 4 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy William Sandy Youth Large 15 Athletic Gold/White
Crown Trophy Rhett Smith Youth X-Large 2 Athletic Gold/White

Coaches: Brady Halvorson

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Haberdashery Alex Andrews Youth Large 17 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Cortland Hallaway Adult Small 12 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Elijah Halvorson Youth Medium 24 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Dexter Hegvik Youth Medium 11 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Greyson Hoffman Youth Large 51 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Jett Hoffman Youth Medium 35 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Alexander Meidinger Youth X-Large 10 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Truman O'Brien Youth Large 7 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Charles Snider Youth Large 42 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Ryder Stoutland Youth Medium 5 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Freddie Williams Youth Large 3 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Quentin Yellow Bird Youth X-Large 1 Graphite/White


Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Black Brady Beauvais Youth Medium 1 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Caleb Beauvais Youth Large 2 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Pierce Doll Youth Large 22 Black/Gold
HuHot Black JorgenHansonYouth X-Large2Black/Gold
HuHot Black Kevin Hansen Youth X-Large 9 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Easton Healy Adult Small 87 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Yajdiel Hidalgo Figueroa Youth Large 27 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Kaelen Kenna Adult Small 7 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Jace Lichtenberger Youth X-Large 15 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Beckett Link Youth Medium 21 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Mason Ringgenberg Youth Medium 6 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Hunter Salonek Youth Medium 3 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Brayden Wanzek Youth Medium 8 Black/Gold

9u Rosters:

Coaches: Darren Purdy

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
BNG Blake Blumler Youth Medium 11 Royal/White
BNG William Goodman Youth Small 1 Royal/White
BNG Jack Klugh Youth Large 23 Royal/White
BNG Davis Larson Youth Medium 7 Royal/White
BNG Ethan Metzger Youth Large 3 Royal/White
BNG CarstenMutegiYouth Large89Royal/White
BNG Isaac Mohs Adult Small 12 Royal/White
BNG Crew Ness Youth Medium 10 Royal/White
BNG Tate Ness Youth Large 24 Royal/White
BNG Bailey Purdy Youth Small 13 Royal/White
BNG Liam Stach Youth Medium 26 Royal/White
BNG Landon Stevens Youth Small 20 Royal/White
BNG Andrew Tillman Youth Medium 21 Royal/White

Coaches: Terry Bartsh, Devin Mosbrucker, Mike Kangas

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Century Builders Luke Bakke Youth Medium 5 Orange/White
Century Builders Kristopher Bartsh Youth Medium 19 Orange/White
Century Builders Henry Dahl Youth Large 16 Orange/White
Century Builders Forbes Dowsley Youth Medium 11 Orange/White
Century Builders Samuel Dowsley Youth Small 13 Orange/White
Century Builders Nicholas Flaherty Youth X-Large 10 Orange/White
Century Builders Joey kangas Youth X-Large 33 Orange/White
Century Builders Cooper Mack Youth Large 52 Orange/White
Century Builders Asher Mosbrucker Youth Large 22 Orange/White
Century Builders Griffin Reich Youth Large 9 Orange/White
Century Builders Benjamin Terrell Youth Medium 29 Orange/White

Coaches: Chase Frize, Kasey Kringlie, Joe Schweigert

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
OnPoint Jack Anderson Youth Medium 7 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint AJ Frederick Youth Medium 11 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Connor Frize Youth Large 16 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Ryker Hass Youth Medium 18 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Cash Kringlie Youth Medium 9 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Luke Newman Youth Medium 8 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Cooper Rust Youth Medium 3 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Max Schweigert Youth Large 1 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Aaron Shannon Youth Medium 25 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Bryce Shannon Youth Medium 15 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Grant Sjule Youth Medium 10 Kelly Green/Black
OnPoint Aiden Wareham Youth Large 17 Kelly Green/Black

Coaches: Matt Bowar, Nick Weisbeck, Jeff Wallgren

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Choice Wealth Gabriel Antoine Youth Medium 9 Red/White
Choice Wealth Dawson Behm Youth Medium 12 Red/White
Choice Wealth Deklen Bowar Adult Small 21 Red/White
Choice Wealth Peter Buchholz Youth Medium 5 Red/White
Choice Wealth Graham Doeden Youth Large 25 Red/White
Choice Wealth Wesley Froemke Youth Medium 15 Red/White
Choice Wealth Hudson Hoff Youth Medium 19 Red/White
Choice Wealth Connor Kessler Youth Large 26 Red/White
Choice Wealth Landyn Leidholm Youth Medium 29 Red/White
Choice Wealth Carson Miller Adult Small 10 Red/White
Choice Wealth Reid Wallgren Youth Medium 7 Red/White
Choice Wealth Kolsen Weisbeck Youth Medium 14 Red/White

Coaches: Drew LeClair, Hans Anderson

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Post 400 Knox Anderson Youth Medium 6 Royal/White
Post 400 Nolan Anderson Youth Large 3 Royal/White
Post 400 Paxton Boom Youth Large 2 Royal/White
Post 400 Wyatt Boom Youth Medium 20 Royal/White
Post 400 Ryson Franke Youth Medium 16 Royal/White
Post 400 Thomas Heck Youth X-Large 23 Royal/White
Post 400 Matthew Horner Youth Medium 9 Royal/White
Post 400 William Jandro Youth Large 51 Royal/White
Post 400 Jack Larson Youth Medium 44 Royal/White
Post 400 MAX LE Youth Medium 14 Royal/White
Post 400 Ryan LeClair Youth Large 11 Royal/White
Post 400 Brecker Nelson Youth Small 10 Royal/White
Post 400 Alex Silbernagel Youth Large 27 Royal/White

Coaches: Jeremy Grandstrand, Bret Yaeger

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Rehab Authority Landon Burcham Youth Medium 12 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Lincoln Burcham Youth Medium 34 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority PrestonDuBordAdult Medium87Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Brayden Grandstrand Youth Medium 7 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Nick Telford Youth Medium 6 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Brayden Hauck Youth Medium 11 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Jordana Jerger Youth Medium 27 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Lucas Jostad Youth Large 20 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Isaac Morgenroth Youth Large 3 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Bear Pollert Youth Medium 5 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Masen Spiewak Youth Small 16 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Kasyn Tandeski Youth Medium 8 Maroon/White
Rehab Authority Hudson Yaeger Youth Medium 14 Maroon/White

Coaches: Cory Holen, Tyler Triepke, Brad Wischnak

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Yellow Conner Benson Youth Small 9 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Bridger Bjorem Youth X-Large 41 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow August Chang Youth Large 23 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Blake Chang Youth Large 1 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Landon Deitz Youth Medium 22 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Matthew Haugen Adult Small 44 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Kason Holen Youth Medium 15 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Hudson Lian Youth Large 8 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Vance Moench Youth X-Large 21 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Ryker skyberg Youth Large 12 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Crosby Triepke Youth Medium 2 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Ryder Wischnak Youth Medium 14 Yellow/Black

Coaches: Andrew Scott, Ryan Simmers, Chris Erickson

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Landon Anderson Youth Large 6 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. OLIVER ASPLIN Youth Small 19 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. William Duchaine Youth Medium 7 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Noah Dukart Youth Medium 8 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Rylan Erickson Youth Large 99 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Mason Graham Youth Large 10 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Jagger Hass Youth Small 17 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Parker Johnson Youth X-Large 24 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Luke Mehl Youth Small 23 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Parker Scott Youth Medium 9 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Reed Simmers Youth Medium 1 Black/White
Valley Mortgage, Inc. Brenner Smith Youth Large 15 Black/White


Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Tester and Holman Liam Amundson Youth Medium 11 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Abel Carpenter Youth Medium 5 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Jason chen Youth Medium 9 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Julian Graves Youth Large 17 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Cole Hemstad Youth X-Large 30 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Hayden Holman Youth Medium 24 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Tanner Holman Youth Medium 7 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Jaxon Honl Youth Large 27 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Wade Morrow Youth Medium 18 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Logan Rudolf Youth Large 25 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Brady Rydell Youth Medium 21 Red/Black
Tester and Holman William Skarphol Youth Large 16 Red/Black
Tester and Holman Lewis Yan Youth Large 77 Red/Black

Coaches: Jared Honek

Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
EssentiaJaredAventiYouth Medium8Power Blue/White
Essentia William Dahms Youth Medium 00 Power Blue/White
Essentia Marcus Decheine Youth Medium 2 Power Blue/White
Essentia Owen Hashbarger Youth Medium 99 Power Blue/White
Essentia Nolan Honek Youth Medium 25 Power Blue/White
Essentia Benjamin Hoffart Youth X-Large 7 Power Blue/White
Essentia Jase Langston Youth Large 77 Power Blue/White
Essentia Henley Larson Youth Large 16 Power Blue/White
Essentia Lawrence McCartney Youth Large 9 Power Blue/White
Essentia Ryland Myhra Youth X-Large 15 Power Blue/White
Essentia Eamonn Nagle Youth Medium 34 Power Blue/White
Essentia Beckham Skalsky Youth Large 10 Power Blue/White

8u Rosters

Coaches: Brandon Lee, Logan Schmitz, Tye Anderson
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
General Equipment Liam Alberts Youth Medium 15 Navy/White
General Equipment Noah Helvik Youth Large 11 Navy/White
General Equipment Alec Jerstad Youth Medium 8 Navy/White
General Equipment Luca Kisell Youth Medium 12 Navy/White
General Equipment Peyton Larson Youth Medium 18 Navy/White
General Equipment Kamden Lee Youth Medium 4 Navy/White
General Equipment kolby lundell Youth Small 25 Navy/White
General Equipment Eli Meyer Youth Medium 3 Navy/White
General Equipment Blake Mudgett Youth Medium 13 Navy/White
General Equipment Oliver Olson Youth Small 20 Navy/White
General Equipment Zane Schmitz Youth Small 38 Navy/White
General Equipment Malakai Terry Youth Large 9 Navy/White
General Equipment Paxton Wallace Youth Large 21 Navy/White
Coaches: Adam Larson, Adam Campbell, Jon Simmons
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Office Sign Declan Bye Youth Medium 7 Black/White
Office Sign Finn Campbell Youth Medium 99 Black/White
Office Sign Levi Fossland Youth Small 20 Black/White
Office Sign Wesley Gerlach Youth Large 8 Black/White
Office Sign Owen Hebert Youth Medium 13 Black/White
Office Sign Gavin Jackson Youth Medium 27 Black/White
Office Sign Everett Larson Youth Small 33 Black/White
Office Sign Wyatt Pollert Youth Medium 12 Black/White
Office Sign Braxton Quamme Youth Medium 23 Black/White
Office Sign Asher Schiltz Youth Small 2 Black/White
Office Sign Linus Schultz Youth Medium 9 Black/White
Office Sign everett simmons Youth Medium 1 Black/White
Office Sign Parker Sundquist Youth Medium 11 Black/White
Coaches: Adam Krabbenhoft, Justin Fosberg, Derek Knutson
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Scheels Gabe Buchanan Youth Medium 14 Red/Black
Scheels Easton Claus Youth Medium 3 Red/Black
Scheels Carse Collins Youth Large 21 Red/Black
Scheels Grant Fosberg Youth Small 12 Red/Black
Scheels Eli Heim Youth Medium 27 Red/Black
Scheels Conner Johnson Youth Medium 4 Red/Black
Scheels Sam Klabo Youth Small 2 Red/Black
Scheels Tyler Knutson Youth Medium 82 Red/Black
Scheels Rhianna Krabbenhoft Youth Small 22 Red/Black
Scheels Tayvian Roberts Youth Medium 23 Red/Black
Scheels Oakley Schlenker Youth Small 9 Red/Black
Scheels Gavin Schmoll Youth Small 8 Red/Black
Scheels Kellen Thielges Youth Medium 24 Red/Black
Coaches: Keith Bergseth, Jason Kalbrener, Tyler Kirchner
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
E.G. Properties Rory Bergseth Youth Small 1 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Reid Cerney Youth Medium 15 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Beckett Gomez Youth Medium 9 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Rhett Gunderson Youth Medium 7 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Maddox Hill Youth Medium 16 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Oliver Isley Youth Medium 6 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Eli Johnson Youth Large 13 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Benjamin Kalbrener Youth Medium 10 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Carter Kenowski Youth Medium 5 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Rylan Kirchner Youth Medium 8 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Hayes Riley Youth Small 17 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Kristian Schneider Youth Large 23 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Cameron Sterling Youth Large 24 Graphite/White
E.G. Properties Crosby Syverson Youth Large 12 Graphite/White
Coaches: Andy Kalbus, Ryan McCamy, Jamie Zuel, Patrick Meyer
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Conmy Feste William Breding Youth Medium 12 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Jude Chavez Youth Small 3 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Drake Greterman Youth Medium 24 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Alexander Johnsen Youth Medium 27 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Eli Kalbus Youth Small 9 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Harbor Mccamy Youth Medium 1 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Lawson Meyer Youth Medium 42 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Caleb Mikkelsen Youth Medium 22 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Kolsen Overby Youth Large 15 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste James Shih Youth Medium 88 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Andrew Wald Youth X-Small 11 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Miles Walter Youth Medium 23 Maroon/White
Conmy Feste Oliver Zuel Youth Medium 2 Maroon/White
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
BNG Bryden Boseck-Andvik Youth Large 1 Royal/White
BNG Don Brandenburg Youth Medium 9 Royal/White
BNG Casey Engelstad Youth Medium 21 Royal/White
BNG Nathan Esperum Youth Large 4 Royal/White
BNG Guy Gullickson Youth Medium 2 Royal/White
BNG Hayes Hanson Youth Medium 6 Royal/White
BNG Bryce Hirsch Youth Large 13 Royal/White
BNG William Matthaei Youth Medium 23 Royal/White
BNG Mason Morberg Youth Small 5 Royal/White
BNG Raine Nash Youth Medium 8 Royal/White
BNG Zachary Nelson Youth Medium 7 Royal/White
BNG Linus O'Brien Youth Medium 11 Royal/White
BNG Brody Smith Youth Medium 16 Royal/White
Coaches: Jayson Clairmont, Tye Korbl
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Casey's General Store Sawyer Berlin Youth Small 13 Red/White
Casey's General Store Henry Bladow Youth Medium 5 Red/White
Casey's General Store Alexander Blomquist Youth Small 9 Red/White
Casey's General Store Samuel Clairmont Youth Medium 12 Red/White
Casey's General Store Jack Dahlman Youth Medium 99 Red/White
Casey's General Store Carter Hins Youth Small 15 Red/White
Casey's General Store Grant Korbl Youth Medium 10 Red/White
Casey's General Store Noah Nelson Youth Medium 8 Red/White
Casey's General Store Justin Nygaard Youth Medium 2 Red/White
Casey's General Store Calvin Schneider Youth Medium 3 Red/White
Casey's General Store Liam Smith Youth Small 24 Red/White
Casey's General Store Jelani Wallace Youth Large 11 Red/White
Casey's General Store Sawyer Wring Youth Medium 44 Red/White
Coaches: Sheldon Ehli, Matthew Mertes
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Yellow Daniel Boser Youth Large 4 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Levi Carruth Youth Medium 6 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Andrew Dai Youth Medium 5 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Olivia Ehli Youth X-Small 2 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Fredrik Fiechtner Youth Medium 99 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Jack Groener Youth Small 88 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Easton Hoffman Youth Medium 9 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Parker Holand Youth Small 10 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Tristan Kroger Youth Medium 24 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Colton Langerud Youth Large 11 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow James Lauerman Youth Large 28 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Silas Livingston Youth Medium 26 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Marshal Mertes Youth Small 7 Yellow/Black
Coaches: Eric Heyer, Jonah Neuharth, Lee Froemke
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Subway Zachary Beal Youth Medium 52 Dark Green/White
Subway Luke Christopherson Youth Small 1 Dark Green/White
Subway Benjamin Dabhi Youth Large 17 Dark Green/White
Subway Wyatt Dobratz Youth Medium 10 Dark Green/White
Subway Henrik Froemke Youth Small 15 Dark Green/White
Subway Beckett Heyer Youth Small 24 Dark Green/White
Subway Gabe Keller Youth X-Large 33 Dark Green/White
Subway Casey Meyers Youth Small 8 Dark Green/White
Subway Caleb Neuharth Youth Medium 9 Dark Green/White
Subway Drayvin Olson Youth Medium 26 Dark Green/White
Subway Gavin Sweeney Youth Medium 14 Dark Green/White
Subway Asher Vickers Youth Small 7 Dark Green/White
Subway Kellen Vickers Youth Medium 11 Dark Green/White

7u Rosters

Coaches: Kenny Wold, Mike Entzminger, Jeremy Grandstrand, Brian Kingsley, Chad Nielson
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Magnum Reed Dotseth Youth Small 12 Navy/White
Magnum Mason Entzminger Youth Large 99 Navy/White
Magnum Keagen Feist Youth Small 5 Navy/White
Magnum Landen Grandstrand Youth Small 11 Navy/White
Magnum Parker Holmes Youth Small 14 Navy/White
Magnum Kaleb Kingsley Youth Small 15 Navy/White
Magnum Beckett Love Youth Small 10 Navy/White
Magnum Charlie Mortensen Youth Medium 33 Navy/White
Magnum Briggs Nielson Youth Small 13 Navy/White
Magnum Elijah Roemmich Youth Medium 8 Navy/White
Magnum Zander Wilkey Youth Small 19 Navy/White
Magnum Riley Wold Youth Medium 9 Navy/White
Magnum Christian Yaeger Youth Small 23 Navy/White
Coaches: John DeHaan, Robert Fyre
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Scheels Black Kaiden Balstad Youth Small 4 Black/White
Scheels Black Russell Christianson Youth Small 16 Black/White
Scheels Black Hudson Coulombe Youth Small 19 Black/White
Scheels Black Jase DeHaan Youth X-Small 17 Black/White
Scheels Black Tyler DeHaan Youth Medium 50 Black/White
Scheels Black Rogue Foster Youth Medium 99 Black/White
Scheels Black Chase Fyre Youth Small 7 Black/White
Scheels Black James Fyre Youth Small 9 Black/White
Scheels Black Lucas Helvik Youth Small 10 Black/White
Scheels Black Wyatt Hendricks Youth Medium 24 Black/White
Scheels Black Royce Lais Youth Small 5 Black/White
Scheels Black Henry Ollenburger Youth X-Small 13 Black/White
Scheels Black Charles Schulz Youth Small 11 Black/White
Coaches: Matt Langemo, Jeff Fellman, Larry Coltom
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
All-Terrain Noah Anderson Youth Small 8 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Brooks Babolian Youth Medium 2 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Everett Bollman Youth Medium 45 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Jake Coltom Youth Small 7 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Edward Fellman Youth Small 9 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Gage Gullickson Youth Small 1 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Everett Kiland Youth Small 5 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Martin Langemo Youth Small 11 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain TREY LE Youth Small 88 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Logan Lysne Youth Medium 23 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Mason Nyquist Youth Small 15 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Isaac Schoenberg Youth Small 21 Dark Green/White
All-Terrain Jayden Stoffel Youth Medium 13 Dark Green/White
Coaches: Joe Braun, Tom Branca, Brandon Hayes
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Subway Brady Behr Youth Medium 8 Dark Green/White
Subway Bradley Branca Youth Small 2 Dark Green/White
Subway Blake Branca Youth Medium 1 Dark Green/White
Subway Braxton Braun Youth Medium 23 Dark Green/White
Subway Jake Bryn Youth Small 11 Dark Green/White
Subway Lucas Dabhi Youth Medium 25 Dark Green/White
Subway Kaiden Gabriel Youth Small 20 Dark Green/White
Subway Alexander Hayes Youth Medium 44 Dark Green/White
Subway Gavin Knoll Youth Small 7 Dark Green/White
Subway Oliver Powell Youth Small 21 Dark Green/White
Subway Tristan Sollom Youth Medium 6 Dark Green/White
Subway Brayden Stevens Youth Small 99 Dark Green/White
Subway Rorick Wagner Youth Medium 3 Dark Green/White
Coaches: Al Yablonski, Greg Miller, Mike Flaherty, Michael Koeppe
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Boston's Pizza Michael Ahlers Youth Small 7 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Owen Breker Youth Small 15 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Samuel Dahl Youth X-Small 26 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Ryan Doyle Youth Medium 20 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Patrick Flaherty Youth Medium 9 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Graham Gust Youth Large 6 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Jude gust Youth Medium 10 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Micah Kaldor Youth Medium 11 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Cade Koeppe Youth Small 4 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Simon Miller Youth Small 18 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Camden Pederson Youth X-Small 1 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Jacob Rodenbiker Youth Large 3 Red/White
Boston's Pizza Joe Yablonski Youth Small 50 Red/White
Coaches: Paul Jarvis, Robert Mack
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Rohrich Custom Concrete Cole Christensen Youth Small 8 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Kaden Cooper Youth X-Large 7 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Charlie Doeden Youth Small 6 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Oliver Glasoe Youth Small 9 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Ryder Holmes Youth Small 10 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Dawson Jarvis Youth Small 11 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Gordon Mack Youth Medium 99 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Andrew Moench Youth Large 1 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Elijah Mortrud Youth Small 20 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Jens Odden Heide Youth Medium 3 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Chase Ouradnik Youth Medium 26 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Henrik Westerholm Youth Small 15 Royal/White
Rohrich Custom Concrete Kingston Williams Youth Large 12 Royal/White
Coaches: Jesse Barnacle, Brent Wolf
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Yellow Beck Barnacle Youth X-Small 11 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Ty Barnacle Youth X-Small 4 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Reese Christianson Youth Medium 7 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Lucas Erickson Youth Small 5 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Tobias Grande Youth Small 12 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Claire Grossman Youth X-Small 99 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Liam Hallaway Youth Medium 10 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Maxwell Olson Youth Large 21 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Jax Purdy Youth Small 31 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Dayton Quinn Youth Small 25 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Carter Rittenbach Youth Medium 16 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Hewitt Williams Youth Medium 14 Yellow/Black
HuHot Yellow Beckett Wolf Youth Small 1 Yellow/Black
Coaches: Clark Olson
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Black Colin Chen Youth Small 13 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Cooper Hoemberg Youth Small 99 Black/Gold
HuHot Black August Johnson Youth Small 6 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Larkin Johnson Youth Small 71 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Leif Johnston Youth Small 11 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Ella Kapel Youth Medium 40 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Blake Magnus Youth Small 7 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Wesley Naslund Youth Medium 8 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Gaven Olson Youth Medium 16 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Wes Reich Youth Small 19 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Mason Savageau Youth Small 21 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Nolan Shoberg Youth Medium 25 Black/Gold
HuHot Black Rowen Solum Youth Medium 5 Black/Gold
Coaches: Justin Massie, Kevin Roach, Tyler Kunkel
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Haberdashery Maverick Cox Youth Small 11 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Wyatt Ettish Youth Large 27 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Willow Fogel Youth Medium 28 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Winter Fogel Youth Medium 16 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Anthony Gilbertson Youth Medium 42 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Brooke Kunkel Youth Small 10 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Bronson Massie Youth Medium 44 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Silas Pahl Youth Small 17 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Kennedy Roach Adult Small 34 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Zach Suda Youth Small 9 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Ivan Underdahl Youth Medium 23 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Jase Willson Youth Small 8 Graphite/White
Haberdashery Lauryn Wilson Youth Medium 21 Graphite/White

6u Rosters

Coaches: Ethan Schnabel
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Eicholtz Masonry Nolan Birney Youth Small 9 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Caleb Callaghan Youth Small 81 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Bentley Cichos Youth Small 12 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Wyatt Grandon Youth X-Small 00 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Kaide Isdahl Youth Small 2 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Baker Lindeman Youth X-Small 10 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Brian Rittenbach Youth Small 6 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Jack Rittenbach Youth X-Small 4 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Jack Saladin Youth X-Small 13 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Duke Schnabel Youth X-Small 3 Red
Eicholtz Masonry Mazden Wilhelmi Youth Small 24 Red
Coaches: Isaac Olson, Andrew Herian, Adam Larson
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Northern Plains Steel Hudson Braaten Youth Medium 5 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Maddon Burgard Youth X-Small 7 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Cash Gadberry Youth X-Small 3 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Austin Geist Youth Small 13 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Cooper Glass Youth X-Small 10 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Carson Herian Youth Small 20 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Hendrick Larson Youth X-Small 6 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Easton Lunski Youth Large 11 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Braxton Monson Youth X-Small 18 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Easton Olson Youth Small 8 Dark Green
Northern Plains Steel Declan Richter Youth Small 4 Dark Green
Coaches: Jason Copley, Jeremy Magelky
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Best of Times Jordy Berg Youth X-Small 16 Purple
Best of Times William Bjornstad Youth Small 22 Purple
Best of Times GRAHAM Brandenburger Youth Small 3 Purple
Best of Times Braxton Copley Youth X-Small 13 Purple
Best of Times Harrison Groener Youth X-Small 1 Purple
Best of Times Bennett Hill Youth X-Small 2 Purple
Best of Times James Lindseth Youth Medium 7 Purple
Best of Times Henry Long Youth X-Small 5 Purple
Best of Times Nicholas Magelky Youth Small 8 Purple
Best of Times Fuel Nelson Youth Small 99 Purple
Best of Times Abram Schlenvogt Youth Small 24 Purple
Coaches: Leif Johnson, Taylor Dowsley
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
IBEW Keller Brainerd Youth Small 2 Columbia Blue
IBEW Russell Dowsley Youth X-Small 3 Columbia Blue
IBEW Ben Feigum Youth Small 5 Columbia Blue
IBEW Isaac Isley Youth Medium 19 Columbia Blue
IBEW Colin johnson Youth X-Small 13 Columbia Blue
IBEW Xavier Ladbury Youth Small 46 Columbia Blue
IBEW Bennett Rinehardt Youth X-Small 00 Columbia Blue
IBEW Bennett Sandholm Youth Small 38 Columbia Blue
IBEW Kohen Sandvik Youth X-Small 52 Columbia Blue
IBEW Betty Schulz Youth X-Small 11 Columbia Blue
IBEW Leo Yang Youth Small 16 Columbia Blue
Coaches: Craig Hauglie, Matt Bishoff
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Cayson Andvik Youth Medium 11 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm William Bishoff Youth Small 6 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Braylen Hauglie Youth Medium 14 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Brenden Hunt Youth Small 12 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Bowyn Loge Youth X-Small 5 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm John Matthaei Youth Small 1 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Carter McNay Youth Small 33 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Benjamin Middel Youth Medium 7 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Ian Mohs Youth Medium 24 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Henry Pollert Youth Small 0 Graphite
Fredrikson & Byron Law Firm Andrew Zuger Youth Small 23 Graphite
Coaches: Nick Vaughn, Sean Anderson
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Pizza Ranch Cora Anderson Youth Small 5 Navy
Pizza Ranch Joseph Anderson Youth Medium 18 Navy
Pizza Ranch Charlie Bladow Youth Small 10 Navy
Pizza Ranch Oliver Everson Youth X-Small 11 Navy
Pizza Ranch William Gard Youth Small 14 Navy
Pizza Ranch Jaelyn Landis Youth X-Small 8 Navy
Pizza Ranch Jennings Naslund Youth Small 12 Navy
Pizza Ranch Wilder Olsen Youth Small 4 Navy
Pizza Ranch Boston Skalsky Youth Small 99 Navy
Pizza Ranch Ike Vaughn Youth Small 47 Navy
Pizza Ranch Porter Wring Youth Small 2 Navy
Coaches: Matt Skoy, Jeff Fellman, Brad Kraft, Matthew Olson, Andrew Scott
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Courtyard by Marriott Camden Boom Youth X-Small 1 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Miles Corwin Youth Small 6 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Patrick Fellman Youth X-Small 11 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Diesel Gonzalez Youth X-Small 5 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Easton Kraft Youth X-Small 34 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Owen Olson Youth X-Small 8 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Parker Petersen Youth X-Small 4 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Theodore Scott Youth X-Small 42 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Jeric Skoy Youth Small 9 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Felix Smith Youth Medium 88 Gold
Courtyard by Marriott Carson Stoffel Youth Small 20 Gold
Coaches: Aaron Walski
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
Scheels Black Jaxton Anschutz Youth Small 34 Black
Scheels Black Luke Behr Youth X-Small 7 Black
Scheels Black Chase Chang Youth Small 5 Black
Scheels Black Jake Jones Youth Small 3 Black
Scheels Black Dillon Kuppich Youth Small 8 Black
Scheels Black Mack Lunde Youth X-Small 22 Black
Scheels Black Alvin Ma Youth Medium 1 Black
Scheels Black Luke Mehus Youth Small 9 Black
Scheels Black Gabriel Reed Youth Small 24 Black
Scheels Black Ryland Wagner Youth Small 11 Black
Scheels Black Lauren Walski Youth X-Small 6 Black
Coaches: Cory Holen
Team First Name Last Name Jersey Size Jersey # Jersey Color
HuHot Maroon Mia Anderson Youth Small 42 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Isaac Deutschman Youth Small 1 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Brooks Holen Youth X-Small 12 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Thomas Liston Youth X-Small 6 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Raemi Sayler Youth Small 15 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Jude Smith Youth Small 5 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Landry Swoboda Youth Small 45 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Caden Thomas Youth Small 2 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Pearlika Winkenwader Youth Medium 91 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Thorolf Winkenwader Youth Small 14 Maroon
HuHot Maroon Eli Woitzel Youth X-Small 4 Maroon

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